News: Swiss Doctor Speculates Michael Jackson May Have Suffered From Ehlers-Danlos

July 17, 2009

This article is pure speculation and is written in French. Translated version is here. Original article is here.

Edited to add: see comment from the author of this article below.



  1. H ! I am the auther of this article. I would rather call this work an interesting hypothesis. The article states clearly that this hypothesis is based on clinical observations of Michael Jackson that fit very well with EDS type 3. The parisian specialist, Professeur Claude Hamonet, was asked if he favores this hypothesis and he clearly does. We hope to be able to confirm this hypothesis with more information about M. Jacksons health. Contributions are welcome.

    • my daughter has EDS, and I’ve also suspected MJ of being and EDS patients also. Has there been a link to EDS and anxiety disorders such as he suffered? My daughter has suffered w/anxiety and ADD symptoms her whole life.

    • I am wondering if Professeur Claude Hamonet has published further studies on this hypothesis as of this date?

  2. I have alway’s wondered if Michael Jackson had Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. I have Ehlers-Danlos Vascular (Type 4)with overlapping signs of Ehlers-Danlos Classic (Type 1). Michael Jackson had lobless ears, hollow cheeks, poor wound healing and bad scarring. He also looked like he had some hypermobility issues aswell. He was always very slim and later in his life he suffered a great deal of pain due to his joint problems. My son’s lung collapsed due to the fact he dosn’t have the protective plasma protecting his lungs. And we suffer emphisemia like symptoms. Very very similar to some of Micheal Jacksons symptoms. I hope someone, somewhere will do a further investigations into any connective tissue disorders that he may have had, that had not been discovered yet.

    • Hi Diana ! I am sorry to hear that you suffer this type 4. Thank you for your comment. Professor Claude Hamonet in Paris was convinced that my thesis was correct, and insisted on the respiratory symptoms of Michael Jackson. Maybe this is why he wore a mask. One journaliste, I can’t remember the name, Ian somebody, foresaw that Michael Jackson had emphysema and only a few more months to live he said to the press. Professor Hamonet also speculated that his high pitched voice was a sign of abnormal cartilage. And the hypermobility is without any doubt, extreme. Prof. Hamonet who has seen 300 EDS patients said that extreme musical sensitivity is frequently present.
      Thank you for your contribution. S. Huissoud

  3. As a sufferor of EDS type III it has always been evident to me that Micheal Jackson was hypermobile. If he had never had a formal diagnosis I am sure he was in constant pain. My thoughts are with his family.

  4. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if one of his doctors would confirm that his skin was hyperelastic, because then the diagnosis would be certain. A relief for his family who must really wonder why he took so many pain killers and could not sleep. The american press has not come aware of this hypothesis, I am afraid. Maybe somebody in the states could forward this hypothesis to the media, now the the autopsy’s results are expected any day. Mmmm I am sorry but my mothertongue is french.
    Best Wishes.

  5. This is an interesting hypothesis. Too bad it wasn’t stated prior to his death. I have always said if only a celebrity would go public with an EDS diagnosis maybe we would finally be understood and recognized by the medical community at large.

    • so true! hopefully if he was EDS it will come out and spur $$$ for research and public awareness

  6. This is so interesting. i have classical type eds and recently read about suspicions that michael phelps has either eds or marfans. i wish someone would go public. we need more interest and recognition. if michael jackson has it, then alot can be explained. he was definitely hypermobile. i wonder just how many of us there are out there. also, eds is a gene mutation that keeps changing. i dont have marfans but i do have some marfan features, which means eds may have many more forms.

  7. I am interested in the relationship between marfans and eds. could there be more types?

  8. I am a sufferer of EDS (overlap types), also with a history of lupus. I remember all the stories about the vitiligo, and Michael’s propensity to avoid germs, along with his obvious hypermobility (he definitely looked to have overlap problems as well, and possibly had immunoglobulin deficiency. His inability to sleep is consistent with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia and perhaps autonomic dysfunction- the schedule and wear and tear on his joints as his “undiagnosed” disease progressed would have led him to seek help for sleep and for pain etc. During This is It, I remember Michael mentioning for the techies to turn the sound down (tinnitus and hearing problems are common with EDS); he also said that he wanted to preserve his voice (I was a musician and slowly lost all these functions). His inability to do fancy moves might have been due to degradation related either to cervical stenosis (common in EDS), which eventually makes one fall and become unable to walk (in some cases). What I find so sad is that Michael was a person, not a thing, and so many people made judgments of him being “crazy” without knowing what was going on with his health. If he had POTS, then on that last night, after that kind of schedule, and inability to sleep, with blood pressure dropping suddenly after perhaps electrolyte loss from an insane rehearsal schedule, it isn’t a stretch to consider that he had health problems, likely EDS/Marfans. Everyone who wanted to see “the object” Michael Jackson make a huge comeback plays a role in the idea of ignoring the elephant in the room; fear of losing bucks might have led the execs. to be nervous and to insist that he get all that he needed to succeed, even if it meant sacrificing his well-being, or his precious life. I feel so sad for him, and those beautiful kids. Many of the six types of EDS are passed on from parent to child as autosomal dominant, so it would be really important for them to be tested for vascular EDS/Marfans, just to rule those out, and for POTS. By the way, Paganini, the great virtuoso violinist, had EDS. He was treated as a king, but also as a “thing.” As he grew more ill, he was put on display as some kind of circus object, and after death, his body was moved from place to place, because everyone wanted to “see” the “oddity” of this once brilliant prodigy. A good read: “The Violinist’s Thumb.”

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