Medical: Dental Issues With EDS

June 29, 2007

Articles about Dental care and EDS are often hard to find. Here are a few that are online.

Orthodontic Care for EDS Type 4
Mandibular Joint, Orthodontic and Dental Findings in EDS
EDS & Oral Symptoms: a questionnaire

Here are excerpts from another article:
Orthodontic Treatment Considerations in Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome By
Louis A. Norton, D.M.D., Professor of Orthodontics

Extreme joint hypermobility in many EDS patients often leads to chronic
dislocation of the temporomandibular joint. This makes the placement of
complex orthodontic appliances very troublesome for the patient and the
clinician. In addition, the oral surgeon must be extra cautious to prevent
a dislocation of the mandibular condyle when performing a surgical procedure
in preparation for orthodontics. Because of the tissue repair problem in
EDS, there may be slow healing after dental extractions, followed by soft
tissue scarring. The orthodontic appliance used on an EDS patient should be
very smooth and relatively simple in design. The oral mucosa are very
fragile, liable to injury and particularly vulnerable to sharp objects such
as orthodontic appliances or partial dentures.

[snip] The mobility of teeth during tooth movement may be greater than normal.
This may be caused by stretching, tearing and slow repair of the fibres.
Similarly, the gingiva may be more prone to inflammation and possible
recession. There may have been reports of early onset of some periodontal
defects (gum and tooth support). Classical type EDS in particular is
characterized by extreme periodontitis which can be quite debilitating.
With the added dental mobility of the teeth, slowed repair processes and
poor organization of tooth supporting tissue collagen, the need to wear
retainers long after completion of the case may be greater.

A full copy of this article can be ordered here


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